Pure precision with CEMIS 1200

Unbeatable accuracy thanks to the latest precision steering

Pure precision with CEMIS 1200

Unbeatable accuracy thanks to the latest precision steering

Precision farming worthy of its name: CEMIS 1200

Like running on rails: precision steering is guaranteed with the GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200. Operate all year round with future-proof and cost-effective precision farming.

Precision steering

The GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200 allows you to combine ultra-precise fieldwork with seamless task management. With the automatic steering system, your machine will seem like it's running on rails. Various reliable correction signals and different driving modes ensure that you operate optimally at all times – avoiding overlaps, using the full working width and reducing the operator's workload.

The GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200 gives you a pass-to-pass accuracy of ± 2–3 cm. And with a choice of four driving modes, you can decide how you want to work.

Easy to operate

CEMIS 1200 not only delivers more precise results in the field, it's easy to use as well. With the same visual appearance and control logic as the CEBIS interface, it feels familiar from the start. And you can easily transfer the CEMIS terminal and receiver from one machine to another.

Fully connected

As well as saving time during fieldwork, CEMIS 1200 also reduces the workload during the whole operation. The system can communicate with your farm management system in real-time via the mobile phone network. So you can plan tasks in the office in the usual way, send them straight to the machine and have the documentation sent back to you when the job is done. Seamless reporting is guaranteed and the operator always has all the key information to hand.

With various different correction signals available, you can increase the accuracy of your work even further. Each one can be pre-installed or retrofitted at a later date. With the satellite-based SATCOR 15 by Trimble RTX correction signal, precision is provided from the start. If you want a higher level of accuracy, you can upgrade to SATCOR 3 by Trimble RTX or SATCOR 3 FAST by Trimble RTX. Alternatively, you can use the system with the proven RTK correction signals.

The right functions for every machine

The GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200 is suitable for every machine on your farm. On tractors, you benefit from full ISOBUS functionality and Automatic Section Control for your implements. On harvesting machines, CEMIS 1200 additionally provides high pass-to-pass accuracy and documents your yield data.

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