All-round protection for your machine.


All-round protection for your machine.

MAXI CARE Protect at special conditions.

When you purchase an eligible (selected) tractor, you will now receive a price advantage on MAXI CARE Protect – also in combination with MAXI CARE Maintenance as a MAXI CARE Plus package.

All-round protection for your machine

We know your need for maximum operational reliability with absolute cost certainty. That's why CLAAS offers a combination of high-quality machines and first-class service. With MAXI CARE service products, we guarantee maximum operational reliability for your machine at plannable costs. You take care of the important tasks – we'll take care of safeguarding your machine.

Another interesting offer: the new MAXI CARE PLUS option for high-horsepower tractors

Play it safe.

For us, it is a matter of course that our services are performed to the highest standards by qualified CLAAS technicians in the state-of-the-art workshops of our CLAAS service partners. CLAAS MAXI CARE service products give you peace of mind. Talk to your CLAAS service partner, who will be happy to put together a customised service package for your machine.

How you benefit

Highly reliable

  • Regular maintenance as part of our MAXI CARE Maintenance contract minimises the risk of downtimes
  • Use of high-quality CLAAS ORIGINAL parts and consumables

Cost certainty

  • MAXI CARE Maintenance covers any maintenance costs
  • MAXI CARE Protect protects you against unexpected risks through a warranty extension

Resale value

  • Regular maintenance thanks to MAXI CARE Maintenance keeps your machine in good condition
  • Naturally, maintenance is always documented in the service book


  • The contract conditions of MAXI CARE products can be flexibly adapted to your needs
  • The price is individually agreed depending on the machine configuration and selected conditions

MAXI CARE – your way to greater safety & peace of mind

The maintenance contract

MAXI CARE Maintenance

Improved operational reliability and cost certainty are our goal with MAXI CARE Maintenance. Thanks to this maintenance contract, which can be made for any term, all costs for scheduled maintenance work, including CLAAS ORIGINAL parts and consumables, are already covered. Regular maintenance minimises the risk of downtimes and maintains the value of your machine. 

The extended warranty


Cost certainty for greater peace of mind is what we promise with MAXI CARE Protect. This extended warranty protects you against unexpected costs. In the event of a claim, all CLAAS ORIGINAL parts and labour are covered. MAXI CARE Protect is also available as a warranty for your used machine.

The package


With MAXI CARE Plus, we offer you a package comprising the individual MAXI CARE products for maximum operational reliability and cost certainty at an attractive price advantage.